Time 4 Parents

Facet Therapy recognises that parents need looking after too and having someone to talk to in confidence can help. Our Child Consultant is qualified as a Special Educational Needs & Disability Co-Ordinator (SENDCO).  This means you will be provided with advice and support if you are worried about your child’s overall development.  There may be weaknesses or delays linguistically to physical abilities.  For further medical / clinical diagnosis and intervention, please contact us to be referred to a medical specialist.

Here are some things parents often talk about…

  • Challenging toddlers
  • Troubled teens
  • I’m juggling home & work
  • Tantrums
  • Relationship breakdown
  • I’m concerned I can’t cope
  • My child attacks me
  • my kids have too much control
  • my kids don’t listen
  • my child skips school
  • my child is shy
  • my child is always being bullied
  • my child is angry
  • my child is having a baby

Sharing Parenting Ideas…

Amy McCreedy – Author, Parenting Expert & Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions

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Dr. Carrie Contey –Psychologist, Parenting Educator & Author helps us understand toddlers in new ways