Time 4 Families

Our aim is to support families experiencing communication difficulties at home. Tailor made structured programmes are available that incorporates theoretical approaches to help families gain an understanding of their position, power and role within their family unit.  The commitment of all members is necessary to sustain the rebuilding of relationships.

Please bear in mind we cannot support your change if you are not able to change yourself!

What is involved?

A call is made to our service by an individual making enquiries.  This person is called an Enquirer.

The Lead Practitioner / Therapist will offer an appointment to meet the person requesting therapy for the family – This is called the Initial Assessment.

Initial Assessments – Up to 90 mins

This will enable the Enquirer to ask questions pertaining to the level of need for themselves and family.  In turn, the Practitioner will go through a series of assessment questions to gather necessary information about the family composition and the concerns surrounding the family breakdown.

During these meetings, the session fees, confidentiality and safety will be discussed. (There is a separate guideline pertaining to sharing information (data) under Facet Therapy’s Confidentiality Guidelines which is governed by the principles of the Data Protection Act 1988 and Guideline of the GDPR 2018).

Assessment No.2-4 – 50 mins each

These Assessments are to meet with the family. This is very informal and will give each family member an opportunity to ask questions and set a realistic and achievable goals. This allows individuals to share information in strict confidence and agree when or how their family may become privy to this information during the work.  Once the family agree to starting the work together, the Terms & Conditions will be discussed, and a Contract, Financial Agreement and Confidentiality Forms will be signed outlining the consent and expectations.

Starting the Work – Family Support Work (FSW)

The Practitioners will offer a safe space to facilitate and guide families through our 12 week therapeutic Programme.  Although it is intended to last for 12 weeks, the Programme could end at the 8th week if families are able to demonstrate and sustain healthier ways of communicating.  The Programme opens opportunities for members to have a voice.  We provide games, tasks and challenges where members show they can work in a team and feel safe to share their opinions within the group.  Homework is given to help the continuity and the strength of the process.

We aim to help build better relationships within families in communities.  However, when concerns are noted and safety is compromised to any family member, the Practitioner will discuss consent to breach confidentiality.  We will follow the Confidentiality Guidelines and ensure the appropriate information is only shared ‘on a need to know basis’ to the relevant party concerns.

If extra support is needed to any family member in addition to the family work, there will be a separate contract and related fee.  Please discuss this with the Practitioners.

For individual family fees pertaining to Assessments & Sessions – go to the Fees Page