Time 2 Talk

Time-2-Talk Counselling

Everyone has different life experiences and everyone has a different story to tell, which is why we have an integrated theoretical approach to our work.  Therapists associated with Facet Therapy often combine a set of approved theories such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Person Centred Theory (PCT) and Attachment Theory to enhance a rich therapeutic and creative experience.  Talking or using art forms to express patterns of behaviour, thoughts and feelings safely helps clients have a better understanding of themselves and others.

The experience of counselling can help people explore and work through difficult life events.  The safe space allows the client and Therapist (also known as a Counsellor or Practitioner or Psychotherapist depending on length of training and expertise) to talk in confidence and think about setting goals or reduce stress, anxiety or finding inner peace from their emotional or psychological distress.

Before the counselling begins, an Assessment of Need will take place.  This gives clients the opportunity to ask questions about the counselling service and to see if they are able to work with the chosen Therapist.  The time shared will allow an understanding and clarity of expectations, responsibilities, fees, cancellations, missed appointments, holidays, fees, responsibilities and the confidentiality remit which is outline in our Terms & Conditions of service.   The outcome of counselling relies on the commitment and level of engagement to one another.


The duration will last up to 2 hours depending on the amount of information to obtain and the level of personal need.

Counselling Sessions:  

The number of counselling sessions varies from 6 sessions to on-going; and each session is 50 minutes.

One-off or Top Up:

These counselling sessions are one off meetings, and usually after the long-term therapy agreement has ended.  It enables clients to help manage any disturbances that can occur or re-occur.  Clients have found this intervention useful if they need reassuring or clarity that they are coping well and putting into practice the techniques learned during their counselling sessions.

6 to 12 sessions:

This is short-term counselling.  It enables the client to help make changes in their life, or set achievable goals or a space to vent until they feel more in control of their life.  Clients can self-refer to be seen privately or attend via the EAP.

On-going and long term:

These sessions are over a longer period and offer a fuller, richer and more intense therapeutic experience.  This is usual where there has been emotional distress or anger, that may or may not stem from historical abuse or trauma.  It affects the person’s current demeanour or displays of dysfunctional behaviour that interrupts healthy experiences. Although sessions are predominantly weekly, it can be offered twice weekly should there be a high risk of suicide or danger posed to the client or others.  It will be common practice for reviews or assessments to be part of the therapeutic process, especially where psychological or physical change is shown or safety is compromised.

Online & Telephone Counselling

Although face2face is most popular, some people prefer alternative ways of communicating. We provide up to 50mins of Online & Telephone Counselling to UK residents and English speakers worldwide. This form of communication can offer more anonymity, but with the same level of professional integrity and therapeutic support as with face2face counselling.

This service is often short-term, flexible, convenient within the comfort of your home or designated space.  All clients accessing this service must ensure their digital security is up to date and free from any potential risks of malware that could jeopardise the contact and confidentiality guidelines.  Please ensure all connections are clear with minimum disruptions or limitation that could hinder your therapeutic experience.

Face2Face Counselling

They are 1-2-1 and based in the Consulting Rooms at two London locations – Sudbury Hill and Hillingdon.  The rooms vary in size and décor.  Parents and family counselling takes place in the larger rooms at either location.

We have undertaken Counselling Agreements with Private Healthcare Professionals such as BUPA, AXA, Workplace Wellness, Lifeworks and Health Assured to offer counselling to members of staff within various companies via an Employee Assistant Programme (EAP).  This is usually short-term work although extra sessions may be permitted.

Expressive Arts Therapy

Facet Therapy also offers a safe space for individuals to express themselves by using the arts materials available to them. There may be times when words cannot explain or capture the essence of a feeling, but with the aid of creativity, imagination and taking a risk, it may be possible. During this powerful and yet enlightening process, your counsellor will continue to offer all you need to support you through this moment to moment experience.

Expressive Art – Poems

Forever Like This

Walk with me, I’ll take you on my path of glory, Then sit with me, and watch the children at play. Feeling the crisp wind on beauty’s face On the morn of an Autumn Sunday.

Feet wade through the dead leaves of brown, I see dew having a rest on hills and lawns. The brightness of rays when it rises Of orange and yellows on the day of dawn.

Naked are the trees that pray to be clothed The waiting flight of birds that sing in the morn Creatures not too great or too small Preparing for seasonal Autumn’s Ball.

Stale puddles in shapes a reflection of shadows It captures a glimpse of passers by Of falling leaves in the freshness of the air That skips and jumps invisible and bare

Radiant is my smile and warmth are my thoughts How wonderful, so beautiful, here and now, that is Without the fights, hurts and pain I wish for this moment forever like this.

The poem is produced to demonstrate verbal and non-verbal communication with the arts in the therapy. Individuals must seek permission in writing to reproduce the above material and comply under the terms of licenses issued by the copyright licensing agency.