About Us

Facet Therapy Offer Counselling, Support & Empowered Play Services for Children, Young People & their Families

Facet Therapy was set up with the main aim of offering various pathways to help all age groups throughout communities. Over the years of developing the service, we have continued to offer face to face counselling to children, young people, parents and families seeking family therapy.  We have also noted an increase in adults accessing the Employment Assistant Programme (EAP) Telephone and Online Counselling Service offered by their Private Medical Insurer (PMI) or Healthcare Provider.

As the demand of various counselling services rise, we are pleased to maintain our therapeutic programmes to support the community’s well-being.  We believe people needs the ingredients in life to make change possible. By building encouragement, reassurance, empowerment with the ‘I can attitude’ will strengthen the belief in yourself.  Small steps in the right direction can make all the difference in life.

Our Team are made up of highly trained and qualified professionals who have the ability to help create that change.