Facet Therapy is Helping To Reduce NHS Counselling Waiting Times
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Time2Talk Counselling has taken on another project to help reduce the time clients have to wait for their first counselling session via their GP.  Private Medical Insurance (PMI) Providers are recognising that clients are waiting far too long to be seen and need something more immediate.  One particular PMI has agreed to offer a Structured Well-being Support package to the NHS where clients experiencing anxiety and depression will be supported quickly, as they wait for that crucial appointment.

Due to the vast numbers of clients waiting, it has meant there are many clients needing to be referred and given the attention they acquire.  Our Telephone Counselling within Time2Talk Counselling Service provides the space to help clients talk about their difficulties, learn techniques to aid the reduction of stress and anxiety.  As such, we have noticed that approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) has been appropriate and useful for such clients during this short-term intervention.  The results mean that the majority of clients can start to feel a little better and reinvest themselves back into life again.

Counselling can help to reduce stress so you can start enjoying life again!

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