Facet Therapy

"Courage is facing a path that is unclear. Self-belief is achieving the possibilities of the unknown" (Marcia Rowe)


Some schools or colleges provide Mentors or Counsellors for young people to talk to, but this is not always possible. Our Team offers counselling, guidance and support to young people in or out of schools. We understand and know how hard it can be to ask for help. You may feel like no-one cares or your parents don't listen or understand you. Life can feel as if you are the only person on a very lonely roller-coaster ride.

The information you share is confidential. However, there may be a time when your Counsellor or Support Worker asks your permission to break that confidence because you may be in danger and/or at risk to yourself or other people around you.

If you need someone 2 talk 2, contact our team. Someone is ALWAYS there to listen and help. Take these 4 steps - One choice could change your life!

  1. Make a choice to change.
  2. Book an appointment.
  3. Call / email Facet Therapy.
  4. Get the help / support you need.

Discussion points

  • My parents divorced / separated
  • Relationship problems
  • Sexual health and well being
  • Doing exams and leaving school / home
  • I hate school or school phobic
  • I have no confidence and my self-esteem is low
  • My friends think I drink too much
  • I am bullied or used to get bullied because I am different
  • Someone is hurting me / I'm hurting someone
  • Teenage parent
  • I feel angry all the time / I need to control temper
  • Self-harming
  • Someone close to me died