Facet Therapy


Facet Therapy recognises that parents need looking after too and having someone to talk to in confidence can help. Parents can sometimes struggle with the challenges of raising a family or often feel isolated. We offer both 1-2-1 sessions for private discussions and various Parent Support Groups.

Our groups can last from 2hrs and held in a small, friendly environment to help parents feel more confident in expressing themselves. We encourage & share positive parenting strategies, empower parents to promote effective nurturing skills in their home.

Here are some things parents often talk about…

  • Challenging toddlers
  • Troubled teens
  • I’m juggling home & work
  • Tantrums
  • Relationship breakdown
  • I’m concerned I can’t cope
  • My child attacks me
  • my kids have too much control
  • my kids don’t listen
  • my child skips school
  • my child is shy
  • my child is always being bullied
  • my child is angry cos’ I can’t read
  • my child is having a baby

Sharing Parenting Ideas...

Amy Mccreedy - Author, Parenting Expert & Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions

She shares her handy tips for parents through her blog - check them out at...

Dr. Carrie Contey –Psychologist, Parenting Educator & Author helps us understand toddlers in new ways

Community Corner

Let's enjoy the time we share together with children

Relating books to life stories through play, imagination and learning.