Facet Therapy

Time-2-Talk Counselling

Our therapeutic approach and ways of working will differ from one client to another, as we are all unique with different life experiences. Counselling offers a safe confidential environment for the Therapist and client to think about the client's broader life circumstances. It also combines a set of theories to enhance a rich therapeutic experience. At Facet Therapy, creative materials are used to tap into the unconscious parts of the brain to help the client bring them into awareness then explore their emotions, thoughts and patterns of behaviour more safely and manageable. Hence, clients will have a better understanding of themselves and the way they engage in the world. This can be achieved with either face2face, telephone and online counselling, which can be useful in each dynamic.

Therapists use a number of theoretical orientations to aid the counselling process and to offer different ways of being with the client. At Facet Therapy, we have an Integrated Approach to combine more than one theory to assist the interaction. Click here to read our theories

Online & Telephone Counselling

Although face2face is most popular, some people prefer alternative ways of communicating. We provide 50 minutes of Online & Telephone counselling to UK residents and English speakers worldwide. This form of communication can offer more anonymity, but with the same level of professional integrity and therapeutic support as with face2face counselling. Sessions are usually 6-12 weeks; providing the flexibility and convenience within the comfort of your own home or a designated place.

Consultations, Assessments and 1-2-1 sessions are at an agreed time with payments made up to 30 minutes before each session. It is the responsibility of clients and therapists to ensure you have a webcam or video link with an appropriate account to access online counselling. Please check there is a good internet or telephone connection with ample security when sharing this type of confidential space via third party providers.

Face2Face Counselling & Psychotherapy

Clients have the choice of attending any one of our Counselling Rooms for up to 50 minutes per session. They have sole access to creative materials whilst expressing & exploring difficult emotions. Results emerge from the level of engagement with their therapist during their therapeutic journey. In turn they will feel re-empowered to take control of their lives and feel happier within themselves. Counselling sessions can be a minimum of 6 weeks, and extended if needed. Long term and intense therapy of up to two times per week are usually offered to clients who are at risk to themselves & others, or need to explore unresolved issues caused by traumatic experiences.

Both Counselling & Psychotherapy can work alongside the other programmes that Facet Therapy provide. Please contact our Team for further enquiries.

Expressive Arts Therapy

Facet Therapty also offers a safe space for individuals to express themselves by using the arts materials available to them. There may be times when words cannot explain or capture the essence of a feeling, but with the aid of creativity, imagination and taking a risk, it may be possible. During this powerful and yet enlightening process, your counsellor will continue to offer all you need to support you through this moment to moment experience.


Forever Like This

Walk with me, I’ll take you on my path of glory,
Then sit with me, and watch the children at play.
Feeling the crisp wind on beauty’s face
On the morn of an Autumn Sunday.

Feet wade through the dead leaves of brown,
I see dew having a rest on hills and lawns.
The brightness of rays when it rises
Of orange and yellows on the day of dawn.

Naked are the trees that pray to be clothed
The waiting flight of birds that sing in the morn
Creatures not too great or too small
Preparing for seasonal Autumn’s Ball.

Stale puddles in shapes a reflection of shadows
It captures a glimpse of passers by
Of falling leaves in the freshness of the air
That skips and jumps invisible and bare

Radiant is my smile and warmth are my thoughts
How wonderful, so beautiful, here and now, that is
Without the fights, hurts and pain
I wish for this moment forever like this

The poem is produced to demonstrate verbal and non-verbal communication with the arts in the therapy. Individuals must seek permission in writing to reproduce the above material and comply under the terms of licenses issued by the copyright licensing agency.