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Our Philosophy

At Facet Therapy, our philosophy is to offer positive, healthy attachment experiences with children & young people that will build connections that mirrors a 'good nurturing parent'. This means we need to be fully attentive and offer respect, kindness, autonomy, warmth, openness, trust and professional integrity. This type of therapeutic relationship will give children & young people the right tools to build upon their developmental foundations.

Ultimately it enables children & young people to have better coping strategies and emotional regulation. They will feel confident to become expressive through art, enhance their colourful imagination and develop a language to express their worries, fears or destructive behaviours in our safe therapeutic space. They too will develop a strong sense of self and the ability to sustain healthier relationships with others.

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Our Team works in the best interest of all our clients and everyone using our service can be reassured confidentiality is paramount and respected. However, there may be times when the client’s safety and protection to themselves or others is questioned, and we need to make a judgement based on what is presented. When this occurs, we seek consent from the client in the first instance, and discuss the concern sensitively before any contact is made with external professionals or agencies.

Short term Counselling Offering 6-12 week sessions by choice of face2face or online counselling. It is beneficial for individuals addressing stressful or challenging situations that can be worked through short term.

Long term Psychotherapy This is a minimum of 6 months face2face counselling of up to twice a week depending on the level of need. Clients are encouraged to explore the effects of a range of traumatic experiences which may be affecting their daily lives.

Family Support We offer 8 weeks of structured sessions (and follow up meetings) for families to explore healthier ways of communicating with each other. By providing a safe & controlled environment, clients are encouraged to address unhealthy or destructive behaviours affecting the family.

Individual therapy can be arranged to work along-side family Mediation, Family Support Groups or any other Facet Therapy Programme.

Parenting Support Sessions These sessions are aimed at parents who need support and understanding around general parenting issues. The pit-falls faced every day as a mum, dad, carer or guardian dealing with challenging toddlers to troubled teens. The groups are small & friendly that aid effective nurturing skills and to help parents feel empowered using positive parenting strategies.

Empowering Young People (aged 11-18yrs) o Sessions vary from short or long term in the form of face2face counselling. A therapeutic space is offered to help children & young people make sense of the things that worry them. They can express themselves by using various communication skills – such as art, poetry or music.

Empowered Play Sessions for Younger Children are aimed at building stable foundations for the healthy growth & development of children aged 2-7 years old. Sessions are structured to help promote positive parenting and healthy attachments with adults. This includes the importance of language, i.e giving instructions as well as non-verbal communication skills. The activities challenge weaknesses whilst building confidence, patience, turn-taking, sharing, achieving, empowering and learning the basics in boundaries. It also enhances balancing, exercise, hand-eye and physical co-ordination, colours, numbers and shapes recognition. Affirming these skills with the child through these play sessions encourages parents to cater for their Physical, Cognitive, Intellectual, Social and Emotional development.

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External Professional Link Services we have a range of Professionals within the communities who offer a high quality service to the public. Facet Therapy are pleased to work along-side them.

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