Facet Therapy

Counselling, Support & Empowered Play Services
for Children, Young People & Families


Facet Therapy was set up with the main aim of offering various pathways to help all age groups throughout communities. Our continued efforts have led us to offer face to face and online counselling, with new and future developments for workshops and support groups to:

  • Children
  • Young People
  • Parents / Carers
  • Families

We believe that opportunities, support and encouragement should be accessible to everyone, to empower them in making the right choices for them.

Our Team are honest and genuine in their approach. Their background and professional experiences helps them to have an empathic understanding and total regard for each person's needs - which make it easier for people to relate to. Their training, life experience and humanity has made them into robust professionals that gives children, young people and families the support they deserve.

What The Adults Say…

  • I didn’t think I needed counselling until things got really bad. Thank you for understanding.
  • As a parent, I found it refreshing sharing ideas with other parents and recognising we’re in the same boat.
  • My 2yr old had a fab time at his birthday party. Thank you for making his day.
  • My son really loved playing and making friends in Time2Play. He’s very competitive.
  • Your services are really needed at our Community Corner. I wish there was more funding for more sessions. Thank you for your time.
  • I love the One Hand Can't Clap T-shirt. It reminds me of the things my mum used to say.
  • The quality of the T-shirts are really good; and I like your new vertical style. Well done!
  • I didn't know you done the T-shirts for kids... that's really nice.
  • My 8yr old loves her pink hoodie. She even sleeps in hers... just can't get her out of it - lol.
  • My daughter was excited to come to class. She was really happy.
  • I liked the face painting on the kids - they are very happy. Thank you!
  • Your children's song are different to the normal nursery rhymes. You should produce more children's songs. They're very good.
  • I think your Dancing Penguin was great! The kids loved it and so did I.
  • Thanks for keeping the kids entertained today. They girls did really well and they are very good Face Painters. You'll have to come again. --Baby & Children's Market Business Owner.
  • Thank you for entertaining families at our Shopping Centre. Everyone had a great time. --Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre Manager.

What The Kids Say….

  • I like Time2Play. We have lots of fun and I like my dinosaur I made. --Kieon, 3.5yrs.
  • My friend is Marc. I like Marc! --Charlie, 3yrs.
  • I like Time2Play. Can I go again please, mummy? I want to do it all the time. --Marc 3.7yrs.
  • Time2Play was fun today. I haven't done something like this before. --Cybele, 4yr.